WEBINAR: Israel’s Office Market Review February 2020

Stav Cohen • 21/02/2021

We at Cushman & Wakefield Inter Israel are constantly searching for answers to the question: What will be the future of the office space?


We employ our professional insights and our ongoing market research in order to gain a picture of the market and are always in tune with what our fellow industry professionals share. In order to further this discussion, we held a Webinar with the purpose of sharing our recent findings regarding the office market, and with the goal of providing tools for attendees to be able to foresee and imagine the future of the market in the upcoming years.


The webinar was led by our Co-Managing Partner Yoram Blumenthal and our Partner and Head of Capital Markets Ofek Gabai. Both shared their unique points of view on the market and on its future moving forward.


The webinar featured key findings regarding our market research on major cities including Haifa, Jerusalem, Be’er Sheva, commercial areas in Central Israel and the office market in Tel Aviv’s central business district. Findings included the effects of COVID-19  on the market mostly at the end of 2020 in Tel Aviv and its surrounding cities, as opposed to commercial areas in Central Israel and large cities that showed. Looking forward, our research and different analysis methods provided both positive and optimistic findings all pointing to a market recovery in the near future.


These include supply and demand analysis, the effects of different workplace models (hybrid & WFH), the foreseeing results of Israel’s growing Hi-tech industry, the promotion of mixed-use projects by municipalities, and the continuing change of the definition of office-space and its purpose by occupiers, as they ask themselves “What is the Office?” and “What is the purpose of the Office?”.


We invite you to learn more & gain further insights by watching the Webinar below (in Hebrew). We would like to thank again all those who joined us, and we look forward to seeing you all and more in our upcoming Webinars!


Ofek Gabay
Partner, Head of Capital Markets
Cushman and Wakefield Inter Israel
Yoram Blumenthal profile image
Yoram Blumenthal
Co-Managing Partner
Cushman and Wakefield Inter Israel
Israel's Market Review 02.2021
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