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Privacy Policy

Inter Israel (A.I.) Real Estate Consultants (Registered Partnership) (hereinafter also referred to as “Inter Israel”), respects your privacy and it is committed to protecting the personal information it holds about you. The Privacy Policy hereafter describes how we collect information, the types of information collected, the manner of using the information, and the manner in which you, as the subject of the information, can review it, update it or request to delete it.

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Use of the Inter Israel Website set forth at (the “Website”). Use of the website indicates your agreement to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms set forth hereafter, in whole or in part, you are requested to refrain from using the Website.


When using the Website, you agree that Inter Israel will collect, retain and use information about you in the manner described in this policy and you agree to the risks described in the Information Security clause.

When using the Website, Inter Israel collects two types of information:

(1) “Anonymous Information” - Inter Israel collects anonymous information that does not personally identify you and is not stored together with your personal information. This information includes technical and statistical information and it may include, inter alia, information collected when you use the Website, which includes the type of your device, model, hardware, operating system, internet service provider, and statistical information related to the scope of use of the Website, including the date and time of use, the duration of the use, the frequency of the use, usage history, the links selected in them, the IP address from which you connected, and more.

(2) “Personal Information” means any information collected by Inter Israel or transmitted to it by you or on your behalf or information that you will provide to Inter Israel's business partners by which it is reasonably possible to identify you and/or information protected by the Privacy Protection Law, 5741- 1981, and regulations that have been enacted by its virtue, including, but not limited to, your first name, last name, telephone number, electronic mail address, additional contact information and your correspondence with Inter Israel, etc.

You must know that you are not required according to law to provide personal information to Inter Israel. By using the Website, you confirm that the provision of personal information is done out of your own free will and with your consent. You have the right not to disclose all or part of your personal information, however in such a situation it is possible that you may not be able to use some of the services offered by the Website.


The information that will be collected about you will be kept, stored and processed in a third-party cloud. Use of the Website indicates your agreement to this Privacy Policy and that information about you will be stored and managed in third-party cloud as mentioned. Use of the information will be made in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy or according to the provisions of any law for the purposes set forth hereafter.

The Use of Information

The use of information will only be made in accordance with this Privacy Policy or according to the provisions of any law, inter alia, for the following purposes:

(A)   To allow you to use the Website and the content contained therein;
(B)   To improve the content, the changes or the cancellation of the content, and to enrich and develop the Website and other legitimate business objectives of Inter Israel;
(C)   For statistical research regarding how the Website is used and the content offered through it;
(D)   In order to identify, prevent and handle malfunctions, security problems or fraud attempts;
(E)   In order to comply with the requirements of any law, regulation or other legislation and to assist the authorized authorities and any third parties when we believe in good faith that we must do so.

Delivery of Information to Third- Parties

Inter Israel will not disclose to third parties your personal information and information collected about you for using the Website, without your consent, except in the cases set forth hereafter:

(A)    If this is necessary for the proper supply of content offered through the Website or by Inter Israel;
(B)    If Inter Israel is required to do so according to judicial order, requirement of an authorized authority or according to law;
(C)    If Inter Israel receives notice of legal proceedings against you for actions performed by you and in any dispute, claim, lawsuit, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and Inter Israel;
(D)    If Inter Israel organizes its activities in the framework of another entity - including a merger with another entity - it will be entitled to transfer to the other entity the personal information or any other information that has been accumulated about you, provided that the other entity accepts the provisions of this Privacy Policy on itself in relation to you;
(E)    If an allegation is made or a suspicion is raised at Inter Israel that you have performed an act and/or omission that harms it and/or may that may harm it and/or anyone on its behalf and/or any third parties;
(F)    For the purpose of providing and sharing anonymous, aggregate and statistical information with related companies, and with suppliers, business partners, advertisers and any third party, in accordance with Inter Israel's discretion. Inter Israel will not knowingly disclose to them your identity without your consent;
(G)    According to your request or express consent.



Inter Israel may, but it is not required to send you publications, content, marketing materials, updates, innovations etc., from time to time, inter alia by e-mail notices or by SMS (“Inquiries”), subject to your consent in accordance with the provisions of section 30A of the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting) 5742- 1982. The aforesaid may also contain various contents and/or services of Inter Israel and/or of third parties such as Inter Israel's business partners.

You may, at any time, notify of your refusal to receive inquiries from Inter Israel in accordance with the contact details that appear in this policy hereafter or in accordance with the details that will appear on the inquiries themselves according to your choice. It is clarified that Inter Israel may send you inquiries based on the results of processing and characterizing your personal information provided by you and/or information regarding your activities on the Website and/or information stored on the Inter Israel systems, and this is in order to offer you various services and content that you may be interested in.

Use of cookies

“Cookies” are text files that your browser creates according to an order from the Website hosting platform’s computers or from third-party computers. Some of the cookies will expire when you close your browser and others are stored on the hard drive on the end device you are using. The cookies can contain a variety of information such as the pages you visit, the length of time you spend on the site through which the platform is offered, where you came to the site, information that you seek to see when entering the site and more.

The Website may use “cookies” for regular and proper operations, including to collect statistical data regarding the use, to verify details for information security needs etc. Inter Israel may also use third- party cookies, including Google Analytics and social networks which are designed for displaying content based on your various activities across the internet and other sites and services you have visited, and more.

The browsers include the option of not accepting cookies. If you do not know how to do this, check the browser help file you are using to examine the possibility of removing the cookie option. Neutralizing the cookies may prevent you from using some of the services and features on the Website or other on other internet sites.

Information Security

Inter-Israel implements up-to-date information security systems and procedures on the Website. While these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized intrusion, they do not provide absolute security. Therefore, Inter Israel does not guarantee that the site will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored therein.

By using the Website, you consent that you will not have any claim or demand or lawsuit against Inter Israel or anyone on its behalf or any related party due to hacking, intrusions, malfunctions and disruptions or in the event of unlawful use of the Website or information, provided that the aforesaid was not under Inter Israel’s control and it has taken reasonable measures to prevent the events. You hereby release Inter Israel and/or anyone on its behalf from any responsibly or liability for any damage caused by attacks, attempts to hack and infiltrate such information, and you hereby conclusively, completely and absolutely waive any claim, demand or lawsuit against Inter Israel and/or anyone on its behalf and/or a related party in connection with this. Without derogating from the aforesaid, it is your responsibility to ascertain that all information you have provided to Inter Israel is correct and accurate.

Rights of Users in Connection with the Information about them

According to the Privacy Protection Law, 5741- 1981, any person is entitled to review the information held about him. A person who has reviewed the information about it and found it to be incorrect, incomplete, vague or not up to date may apply and request to correct the information or to delete it.

In addition, if the information is used to personally address you, you are entitled under the Privacy Protection Law, 5741- 1981 to demand in writing that the information relating to you be deleted.


Modifications in the Privacy Policy

Inter Israel may from time to time modify the terms of this Privacy Policy, since this policy is dynamic and it may change if new content and/or services are added to the Website that may also affect the policy. Therefore, Inter Israel recommends reviewing the Privacy Policy again. If material modifications are made to the Privacy Policy in provisions regarding the use of personal information you provide, a notice will be posted on the Website’s homepage regarding this. The continued use of the Website after the policy modification indicates your agreement to the amended policy. If you do not agree with the updated version of the policy, you must stop making any additional use of the Website.


Contacting Us

At each stage of the Privacy Policy, or in any request on your behalf to review the information about you, to amend or to correct it (if you found that it is incorrect, incomplete, unclear or not up to date), it is possible to contact us by sending electronic mail to the following address:


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