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Quarterly Review - Q4 2012

The rumors floating around about the real estate bubble inflating on the one hand and purchasing groups expected to change the market yields on the other hand, require a more thorough examination.


In this review, we decided to analyze supply and demand in a number of major cities in the country in the office field to further explore and assess what is likely to happen in the next year.


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Quarterly Review - Q1 2013

National development areas are an important tool in the hands of the state for trying to help attract high-tech companies to the Negev and the Galilee areas, through preferential terms, in order to provide quality employment for the residents of those areas.


In the near future the Israeli government is expected to consider changing the map of national priority areas - and that of course may affect the business activities of companies in choosing to move to the periphery or stay in the countrey's center.


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Quarterly Review - Q2 2013

There has always been a debate over what is better -  renting or owning a property.


Recently we are observing that rental is becoming the more relevant alternative  over purchasing an asset, and this does not apply only to relatively generic office tenants, but for those who need logistics compounds, pharmaceutical, industrial and custom-made specialized areas.


On the other hand, the relatively low cost of money, is a catalyst for the feasibility of purchase and let us not forget the effect of ownership psychology.


This article deals with this central issue.


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Quarterly Review - H2 2013

The Industrial Parks in the South of Haifa maintain a steady growth trend. Around the veteran Matam Park a new similar scale park in being planned: the "Life Science Park" by "IBC".


"Melisron"'s Ofer Park (Sha'ar Hacarmel) and several nearby buildings in Tirat HaCarmel continue to enjoy the attractiveness of the Matam Park.


In this issue, we try to understand - why global companis coming to Israel are choseing to build their R & D centers in this area.


Quarterly Review - Q1 2014

The Gav-Yam Advanced Technologies Park, currently under construction in the country south, is becoming a reality. Simulations and programs on paper are turning into a success story.


Starting with the transportation around it, through the involvement of Ben-Gurion University, the IDF ICT complex nearby, a development zone status to national cyber headquarters located in the south - the Park has all the components to become the next Silicon Valley of Israel.


Will the Park be able to duplicate the success of Matam Park in Haifa? Will Highway 6 and the train line really shorten the "consciousness distance" to it? This remains to be determined in the next few years.



Quarterly Review - Q2 2014

Lateral Roads are among the most influential projects ever built in Israel.


Highway 531, for example, is expected to change the face of transportation in the Sharon region and Tel Aviv and effect the traffic for business centers in these areas.


The three Mayors of Ra'anana, Kfar Sava and Herzliya, who are interviewed in this issue, are satisfied with the road, in part due to the fact that it will attract investors and companies and will effect commercial real estate in these cities.



Half Yearly Review - H2 2014

Construction of Rishon Lezion municipality's '1,000' compound, is expected to start in two years. The compound is considered one of the most significant projects in the Dan region, and is expected to become one of the largest and leading employment centers in the country.


In this issue, we interviewed the mayor of Rishon Lezion and the city engineer and heard from them how they believe this project may affect demand and interest and whether excess office space in 2017 is expected to be a threat or an opportunity.


The zero interest and lack of investment channels, effect the return on investment in real estate rental. Inter Israel's research department conducted a thorough survey on the feasibility of  investments.


Review of employment areas around Tel Aviv in the second half of 2014 - shows a significant leap in Herzliya office rents causing tenants to consider moving back to Tel Aviv and the CBD rout, is marked by fluctuations in rental prices, with high occupancy rates.

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Half Yearly Review - H1 2015

Not all of Israel's Technology Parks are a success. What helps make a technology park in Israel successful? Our survey shows that most technology parks are located in large cities and near Universities and Research Centers. Apparently, this combination of factors can be critical for success - providing park occupants both with easy access by highway and railway, and healthy research collaboration with adjacent universities.


Income-Yielding Properties Continue to Be Attractive Due to the Negligible Interest Rate. Given that the interest rate will remain negligible throughout 2015, we estimate that Viability of income yielding real estate investments to continue to rise, though at a more moderate pace.


And As always, we review H1 2015 activity in the business districts in the country’s center -  Our research points to a new trend: Large companies are purchasing land and developing their own projects. In our review of Tel Aviv’s central business districts, we reveal a huge jump in the Take-Up rate though rental prices have begun to fall. Signs of the 2017 Effect are starting to show.


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Half Yearly Review - H2 2015

The Azrieli Business Center in Holon is already considered a success story in it's initial stages. In this issue, we heard from the Azrieli Group's office managers and Azrieli Holon park managers about the causes and factors they believe have made the park a success and the significant change it made to the area, not only as a business area, but also as a place of recreation and leisure.

Our research department continues to monitor the practiclity of investing in income producing real estate. Given the zero interest rate until the end of the first half of 2016 and a moderate gradual increase, if at all, by the end of 2016, we find that the practicality of investing in yielding real estate continue to rise, albeit moderately than in the past.

Herzliya breaks another record in office rental prices, clinging to prices of luxury buildings in Gush Dan. Our review of the employment areas around Tel Aviv in the second half of 2015 also points to rental prices increase in Ra'anana. The rates in the neighboring towns - Kfar Saba and Netanya - continue to trudge behind.

The City's CBD routes show a significant jump in rental prices and stable occupancy rates. It turns out that the high level of prices in Herzliya, also affected Tel Aviv, despite the light rail project.


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