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Office Market Review - H1 2018

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Half Yearly Review - H2 2017

Dear Readers,

Attached is our updated InterNews issue - Office Market Review for the second half of 2017.


  • Central Tel Aviv: Our research department found a peak in occupancy rates, which stood at about 320,000 square meters this half, compared with an annual average of 110,000 square meters! This figure, in addition to the rental prices figure respectively, have shatter early forecasts!


  • A new study by Cushman & Wakefield talks about 65 million square meters of office space expected to be built by 2019 in major cities around the world. How will the rents be effected and what will happen in Tel Aviv?


  • Appraiser Ofer Odels, owner and director of business development and consulting at Odeles Keinan Cohen, in a fascinating article on yield rates.


All this and more in our current magazine of InterNews. Click here to read.


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Yoram Blumenthal,

Partner at Inter Israel








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Half Yearly Review - H1 2017

Dear Readers,


Attached here is our latest "INTER News",  Market Research review for the first half of 2017.



  • This half we noticed that the rapidity which the Tel Aviv skyline is changing, have an effect on market rentals. Our research department reveals that Tel Aviv prices fell by 1% this half, after long years of steady increases.


  • We are intreducing the Municipal taxes and Hi-Tech story, where companies can achieve better rates through appropriate planning and classification of the property. Attorneys Sharon Petel and Talia Blazer of the Municipal Tax Department at the Herzog, Fox & Neeman Law Office, share their ideas with us.


  • Inter Israel’s Investment Department expands activities in real estate funds.


All this and more in the current issue of InterNews - for reading, can also click here .

Have an enjoyable read!