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The new Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) designed by architect Eri Goshen, an architectural icon, in the heart of Rothschild Boulevard.


The building was constructed at the highest level in accordance with the most meticulous standards that exist in today’s office market.
The entrance lobby is 10 square meters and has an impressive atrium that runs along all floors.
Both sides of the interior space and corridors are glass railings of the office floors and the other two are double glass facades of the building, facing the street Skylight Glass Mansion House. The head of the space constructed three passenger elevators that are also transparent.


There is a conference room and event hall, lecture rooms, Cafeteria that serves breakfast and lunch. Facilities in the immediate area are restaurants, cafes and support services such as a post office and more.


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Property Features:


  • Brand building, an architectural icon
  • Impressive entrance lobby, allowing the entry of natural light from all directions, suspension bridges allow for circular motion on the floor.
  • Location: In the heart of the Financial District of Tel Aviv
  • Space offered for rent: A spacious bright 2 -story 800 square meters each
  • Available for immediate occupancy
  • Raised floor throughout, allowing electrical cabling / sub communication flooring, allowing for maximum flexibility and aesthetic direct connections to all work stations.
  • The air conditioning system:  4 pipes system allows cooling and heating simultaneously in all rooms and ability to choose which rooms you want to have in use.
  • High voltage power supply, electricity bills at a discounted rate.


Shirly Catalogna


Office Department

Direct: +972-3-6412014