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Kikar Tower, Diamond Exchange Area Ramat Gan

Floors for rent in the heart of the Diamond Exchange Area, Ramat Gan -

For immediate occupancy!


Migdal HaKikar, located at 38 Tuval Street, is an 8-storey tower,  each floor comprises 290 square meters.


Tower has high access to public transportation, train stations, food courts and various business support services.


6 of the 8 floors are now avialable:

  • Rent: ILS 65-70 / sqm
  • Management fees: ILS 14 / sqm
  • Parking: ILS 700  / parking space


On the various floors there are office rooms, Open Space, parquet flooring and more, with flexibility for interior adjustments.

There is also an option to rent storage space separately.


For further details and coordination tour: Oren 052-2742951

ADGAR 360º

An All-Encompassing Modern Office Building


There are many office towers in Tel Aviv but one that encompasses all 360 degrees of advantages is a rare treat.
At any angle you care to check, the ADGAR 360º office tower will demonstrate in–depth design, luxury, privacy, ingenious solutions and advanced amenities that will transform your Company’s office environment into the most advanced and stylish in Israel.


  • Location: 2 Hashlosha Street, Tel Aviv (near Nokia Arena)
  • ADGAR 360º - First floor is at level 16, with each and every floor (35 floors) enjoying spectacular panoramic view.
  • Several categories of typical floors: 1,050 - 1,100 sqm (some with balconies)
  • Efficiency - A highly efficient building with a relatively low gross/net ratio.
  • Magnificent lobby - bright, sophisticated design, express, exterior glass elevators, 24/7 security and an upscale café.
  • Floor to ceiling curtain wall in most of the floor's space, allowing maximum natural light in every area of the floor. 
  • A set of transparent elevators serving exclusively the new top ZONE and it's private entrance lobby 
  • Quality design to the last detail - all public areas feature an outstanding level of design.
  • The project has 4 basement parking with room for approximately 1,000 vehicles in addition to the adjacent Nokia car park, offering a monthly subscription at attractive rate (allowing for convenient parking solution for guests).
  • Completion of shell and core - April 2015
  • The building was constructed in accordance with the upgraded 5281 Israeli green standard.


O-Tech - Oshira Kfar Saba

An advanced compound combining employment, convention centers, restaurants, cafes and shops.


The Atir-Yeda area is located in the eastern part of the city of Kfar Saba. Today, the area is characterized by the construction of new office buildings encompasing 5-6 floors and used by various high-tech companies. (Advice, SanDisk, Yael systems, etc.) This is a unique area that combines entertainment and commercial complexes and houses many high-tech companies.


The OSHIRA office complex is located at the entrance to Atir Yeda Street with access to the main roads - Highway 6 in the East, Highway 531 that connects Highway 6 with Ra'annana, Route 40 (Elishema Interchange).
The complex is also situated near Hod Hasharon and Kfar Saba train station  and there is a shuttle bus from the train station under planning by the city along side public transport already serving the area.


The O-tech complex has become the next attraction site complementing employment and commercial areas in the Sharon, such as Herzliya Pituah and Ra'anana. These estimations are based on a number of key factors such as access to transportation, a minority of new projects in existing compounds, considerations of cost (including taxes), design, the importance of the compound to the welfare of residents and workers, the momentum of residential construction (Kfar Saba, Petah Tikva, Hod Hasharon, etc.) and population and housing by tenants of high socioeconomic status.


To Oshira's Project Website


O-Tower - Oshira Beer Sheva

As part of the new strategic approach of Beer Sheva and its transformation into an innovative business center, the O-Tower project is currently under development. The project is planned as an office Tower allowing multi-purpose applications such as; Hotels, medical services, laboratory, retail, display and more. O-Tower is an innovative, advanced office tower with a unique architectural design, portraying the new spirit of the city and making the vision into a reality.


O-Tower - innovative office tower that contains all the benefits of a Business Center


  • Located on Rager Boulevard, the main avenue and the heart of the city's main business area
  • Encompassing 16 floors, approx. 1,000 sqm each.
  • Parking levels for about 350 vehicles
  • Featuring a high quality boutique hotel
  • Business lounge that will include meeting rooms, operating 24/7
  • Chef Restaurant
  • Luxurious spa center and swimming pool
  • Retail floor facing the Blvd.

Project Website


Gav-Yam Negev Advanced Technologies Park

The Gav-Yam Negev Park is located at the heart of a new urban area that has created a clear link between Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the IDF’s Technology Campus. Its concentration of hi-tech and R&D-oriented companies, organizations, and academic research distinguishes it as a leading center for all manner of technology and research in the world.


The park’s city location makes it immediately accessible to all those residing in the surrounding neighborhoods, including tens of thousands of university students and the thousands of IDFtechnology expertswho will serve at their new Technology Campus. In this way, the park will not only become a focus for business activities, but also for vibrant entertainment and leisure opportunities, thus creating a unique and stimulating work environment.


As an encouragement for high-tech companies to arrive at Beer Sheva, a number of important actions were taken:

  • The area was set as a priority area A.
  • Benefit programs and tax grants were established by Industry and Trade Office and the chief scientists office - individually tailored to each company.
  • A special Municipality tax area was granted to the park.
  • An option for University research integration by commercial companies was set in place.
  • An ability to raise student work was implemented - at Ben Gurion University there are more than 20,000 students studying technology, engineering and computer science.


Today, the first building in the park employs over 1,000 engineers and among the companies operating from it are Lockheed Martin, Elbit, EMC, Deutsche Telecom, Oracle, JVP's cyber greenhouse and more. In addition, IBM recently announced it would set up a cyber-research laboratory In collaboration with the Ben-Gurion University. This is a unique park of national importance that attracts the interest of the largest high-tech companies operating in Israel.
Construction of the second building is now in its final stages and the building is to be populated by RAD, AudioCodes, the National Cyber headquarters for the State of Israel, and others.


The Ministry of Defense is going to set up in the park an IDF information center in charge of the IDF's move to the Negev. The center will coordinate the complex issue of career transition and moving the various units to the south: The IDF's ICT units will relocate to the park as part of the IDF general relocation, and will be situated in the Telecommunications Technology campus, expected to contain about 5,000 soldiers - the DF will occupy 50% of the complex with various ICT units such as MAMRAM, Lotem, the IDF School of computers, which were the main growth engine of the high-tech industry in Israel. The ICT campus is at an advanced PQ stage and the construction work is expected to begin in the first half of 2016.


To the Park's Website


Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

The new Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) designed by architect Eri Goshen, an architectural icon, in the heart of Rothschild Boulevard.


The building was constructed at the highest level in accordance with the most meticulous standards that exist in today’s office market.
The entrance lobby is 10 square meters and has an impressive atrium that runs along all floors.
Both sides of the interior space and corridors are glass railings of the office floors and the other two are double glass facades of the building, facing the street Skylight Glass Mansion House. The head of the space constructed three passenger elevators that are also transparent.


There is a conference room and event hall, lecture rooms, Cafeteria that serves breakfast and lunch. Facilities in the immediate area are restaurants, cafes and support services such as a post office and more.


To view full presentation - click here



Midtown Tel Aviv

Midtown Tel Aviv, a unique and exceptional office tower offering prestigious office space in the heart of Tel Aviv’s business center.

The Tower, comprising 50 floors and diverse office sizes offers luxurious spaces and modular work areas.


For purchase / rent:

  • High floor comprising 1,670 sqm gross space

* Up to 28 Parking spaces also available for purchase / rental in the complex

Rothschild Blvd.

A variety of rentable spaces on Rothschild Boulevard, The most famous and important of the boulevard in Tel Aviv.


Rothschild Blvd. was and still is the cultural center of Tel Aviv and a part of the economic heart of Israel, being one of the main streets in the center of the largest and most important business area in the Country.


  • 100 square meters, a part of a floor in an office building with a luxurious interior design.
  • The top floor with an area of 180 sqm in a luxurious office building.
  • The top floor with an area of 230 sqm in one of the most beautiful and iconic buildings on the boulevard.
  • An entire floor with an area of about 350 sqm plus part of a floor with area size of approx. 65 sqm.
  • Independent building on Rothschild Boulevard, with a total area of 2,000 sqm. 700 sqm available for immediate occupation, with balance available for occupancy by end 2017.
  • Several office areas in a tower in the heart of Tel Aviv, one of the most prestigious buildings on the boulevard:
    • 250 sqm on the tenth floor
    • 180 sqm on the 17th floor
    • The 13th floor, an independent floor encompasing approx. 820 sqm

Ramat HaHayal

A variety of spaces for rent and sale in the Ramat Hahayal industrial area.


This sought after area, located in at north Tel Aviv's, has evolved in recent years into one of the most popular business centers in Israel. In addition to being one of the leading high-tech company areas, it has become a favorite leisure location among many of Tel Aviv's residents.


  • For Rent – 190 sqm, part of the 2nd floor of an intimate and impressive office and commercial building.
  • For Rent - 230 sqm, part of the 4th floor in a new and well maintained office building with an open view towards the Yarkon Park.
  • For Rent - 370 sqm, part of the 2nd floor in an impressive office and commercial building with high-level finish and unique design.
  • For Rent - a whole floor in an impressive central building on Habarzel Street. Entire floor comprises 800 sqm, but can be divided starting at 250 sqm and above.
  • For Rent - 220 sqm and 450 sqm office areas in a central business tower on Habarzel street.
  • For Rent - 2 office areas approx. 325 sqm each on the first floor of a prestigious 4 office and commercial buildings business complex.
  • For Rent - entire 5th floor (out of 6) in a very central building on Habarzel Street. Entire floor comprises 2,000 sqm, can be divided up to 4 * 500 sqm. 


  • For Rent / Sale - 412 sqm, part of a floor in an office luxurious and modernly designed building in an excellent location with easy access. Area can be split into 2 owners.


  • In A unique complex comprising several 6-7 floors office towers, featuring advanced and innovative design:
    • For Rent - 2 office areas comprising 180 sqm and 190 sqm on the 1st floor.
    • For Sale – A wide variety of areas of different sizes:
      • 210 sqm on the 1st floor
      • 215 sqm on the 1st floor
      • 240 sqm on the 3rd floor
      • 290 sqm on the 2nd floor
      • 400 sqm on the 3rd floor

* Parking spaces in the complex are also available for purchased

Netanel House

Netanel House is positioned in a central location in T.M.R. Park, at the corner of Pekeris St. and Plaut St., neighboring the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture, and only a few minutes’ walk from the train station.

  • The building is located in close proximity to a variety of cafés and restaurants, a Leonardo business hotel, and a large parking lot.
  • Netanel House was planned and constructed with a different idea in mind, with the goal of providing its residents with a perfect solution – a more advanced working environment – and allowing them to express their own unique brands.
  • The building has a luxurious lobby and 7 office floors, each with an area of around 950 m2.
  • The gross area of all the available office space in the building is around 7,270 m2.
  • The building has three underground parking levels with approximately 130 parking spots, which residents and visitors can exit into the shopping floor or the lobby, and then go up to the office.
  • Some of the office floors have the benefit of balconies of varying sizes, overlooking the park.
  • Floor space was designed to provide maximum planning flexibility according to the needs of each and every client.